This page includes some of the best ebooks I have written based on years of experience in designing custom workout programs.


12 Week Muscle Building Training Program


 The reason behind selling this program at such a reasonable price is to help people who can't pay for my online training but still want to try an epic workout plan.

The program consists of an excel sheet and a pdf. The excel sheet will consist of your workout plan for the next 12 weeks and the pdf file will consist of the information you need to understand the workout plan. You will also be able to learn a lot through the pdf. I have added lot of information in the pdf file so that you can make progress in the gym. There is no diet plan included in this program. 

You will require the following:

  • Gym Membership (Barbells, dumbbells and cables)

  • Minimum 5 months experience with weight training

The workout plan is designed in such a way that it can be continued over and over again for 4 complete cycles (1 year).


8 Week Natural Bodybuilding Program (Can be repeated multiple times)


This program is split into 3 phases. The goal with this program is to help you build maximum amount of muscle in the shortest period of time, but with that being said you need to be patient as well.

As a natural athlete muscle gains will come, but with time. You being interested in my program means you trust what I put out, so follow this for 16-24 weeks. Everything is structured properly. 

This program doesn't include  A DIET PLAN, but you can use this program while bulking or cutting. You will require a gym with barbells, dumbbells and cable station.




The push pull legs program has gained popularity over the years as being the best one to promote hypertrophy in natural lifters. Purchasing the following program will provide you with the perfect PPL routine. The routine is a 6 day plan where you will be training 3 days on and one day off. 

If you have been training for at least an year, this plan will be beneficial for you. The volume is moderate to high and will be great for hypertrophy. You can follow my 8 week bodybuilding program and then move on to this one and repeat them one after the other.