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Hello there. My name is Shreyas Kamath. I am 27 years old and I am going to be your fitness guide. I started off as a fat kid who just started training in the gym because I had high cholesterol levels. Becoming a fitness coach was never in my plans. The more I went to the gym, the more I started learning about the science behind building a good looking physique on the outside and a healthy functioning body on the inside. That is when I realized maybe this is what I should be doing and instead of reading my Engineering book, I started consuming fitness related content from different sources. In the process of learning, my body started transforming along with it. That is when I started my YouTube fitness channel and I started realizing that in India fitness knowledge was not yet where it should be. That's where I cashed in. I took a big risk and took this seriously. I did two fitness certifications simultaneously and I started coaching people for fat loss and muscle building at the age of 19. I decided to quit college to pursue my career in fitness and I've been training people online from across the world ever since. was first launched in 2013 and I have trained over 1000 people ever since. I try to train people in a way where I understand them physically and mentally so that I train them with 0 judgements. My philosophy is simple - Focus on Sustaining the physique and health you achieve and don't look for shortcuts. There you go. That my sales pitch. I know it is not that great, but I promise I am better at coaching people.

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