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1. FIRST DAY IS THE KEY – Don’t Screw up

This is the day when you pay all your hard earned money to the gym. You will feel like you are entering this beautiful looking place with all kinds of humans. Your goal on this day should be to know what you are up to. Don’t be that guy who goes to the gym and has no idea about what he is supposed to do, instead be someone who has already done some research about exercise so that safety is guaranteed. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

2. Compound Movements should be your first love

I used to be that guy who did lot of exercises on the expensive looking machines and completely avoided the basic compound movements. Compound movements also known as multi-joint movements involve multiple joints which also mean that it involves multiple muscles being worked simultaneously. This will ensure that you target multiple muscle groups and as a bonus you also burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

3. Stop Copying Jacked Gym Bro’s

I know you are excited to look beefed up like all the hardcore bodybuilders in your gym, but hold on champ you are just starting out. Like I mentioned in the above point, you need to work on laying the foundation. The beefed up guys have been your shoes few years back, but they know better now. So don’t blindly copy what others are doing.

4. Stop Accepting offers made by gym trainers

Bro, you are too skinny. I think you need to buy this mass gainer from me. Dude, you have too much fat, you need a fat burner like clenbuterol. Trainers are also bodybuilders and they also need to take care of their expenses. That is when they start dealing with all these crappy supplements and fat burning agents. They know that people are desperate for results. So don’t be that guy who is going to do whatever it takes, even if it is going to hurt your body. STAY SAFE!

5. More is not Better

Love the gym like it’s your girlfriend. What I mean to say is that do not get so obsessed that eventually the obsession will turn into boredom. So take it easy initially, do what is necessary. Over time your body will adapt and expect more work and effort from you. That is when you can push harder. It’s a game of LONGEVITY!

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