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Certified Fitness Coach, PT COLLECTIVE

Welcome to my website where you can find what I offer. I have been helping people lose weight, build muscle and change their lifestyle for over 10 years. If changing your lifestyle and sustaining it is your goal, you are at the right place. Go through the page and select a program that suits you best.

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Your exercise routine will be designed based on your current training experience and goals. If training at home is what you like, I can design home workouts too. Whatever goal you approach me with, I will design the best routine for you.


Your nutrition plan will be designed based on the information you provide me during the assessment. Using my experience I will design your diet in a way which will allow you to follow the diet consistently.


Your progress will be tracked via Pictures, weight and sometimes measurements. Every 7-10 days I will recommend changes if necessary and plan for the week ahead. This will continue for the duration of the program.


Communication is very important when it comes to online coaching. You can contact me on whatsapp on a daily basis to have your doubts cleared. You will always be a priority, so feel free to ask as many questions till you are all clear. I AM VERY FLUENT IN ENGLISH, HINDI, KANNADA AND KONKANI.

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Does Shreyas Kamath have a team?

The simple answer is no. I believe that if you are on my website, that's probably because you want my help. The issue with many trainers is we all have different ideologies and styles and sometimes it can get awkward when you expect something and get something else.

Can I pause Online coaching?

Yes you can but only once. Lets say there is a grand wedding or you fall sick you will be allowed to pause the program. But note that you can pause the program only once up to 30 days. In case the situation is severe we can discuss in detail.

Are the programs customized?

Yes. This is what I have based my services around. Since online coaching is virtual lot of trainers get away by sending cookie cutter plans to their clients and yes they might get results but the process might not be enjoyable. I make sure that I get all your details and only then start working on your plans.

Do I force you to use SUPPLEMENTS?

No. While supplements can be helpful, in no way are they necessary. Supplements can make your diet 10-15 percent easier to follow, but if it doesn't fit your budget I will make sure to design your diet around whole foods. Like I said, the plans are made to suit your needs.

Can I workout at home with online coaching?

100%. There are multiple reasons one doesn't want to go to the gym. Let me tell you that going to the gym and lifting weights is any day better than bodyweight exercises I can design home routines for you as long as you are ready to put in the effort.

Do I guarantee results?

The first thing I always say to people is I am not a magician. Results are relative and depend on a lot of factors like lifestyle, training experience, adherence, age and so on. My job is to give you the best blueprint to accelerate your progress. As long as you adhere to it, you will reach your goals.

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Contact Me

If you have any questions regarding any of the plans, feel free to contact me via the form. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

Mangalore, Karnataka, India

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